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1958  -  National contest for the systematization of the storical center of Udine, 3° prize awarded with Gino Valle.
1959  -  National contest for the Institute of educational psychology in Tricesimo, 2° prize awarded with Gino Valle.
1959  -  National constest for the Resistance Monument in Udine, 1° prize awarded with Gino Valle.
1964  -  National contest for the main pavilion of Udine's Civil Hospital “S. Maria della Misericordia, 1° prize awarded.
1973  -  Contest for the Borough of Porcia (Pn),3° prize awarded.
1974  -  National contest for the Borough Theatre of Udine, 1° prize awarded.
1977  -  Ideas contest for the rebuild of Friuli, indicated project.
1979  -  Contest for the “Sacro Cuore” Church of Pordenone, 3° prize awarded.
1979  -  National contest “Sun and Habitat”. Awarded project.
1981  -  Ideas contest on the revaluation of I' Maggio Square and the Castle of Udine. 1° prize awarded.
1986  -  Contest for “San Francesco” Church in Sistiana (Trieste). 1° prize awarded.
1986  -  Contest for “San Paolo” Church in Monigo (Treviso). 1° prize awarded.
1990  -  International contest for the new Alexander Library (Egypt).
1991  -  International contest on invitation for a school of nurses and attendants in Klagenfurt.
1995-98  -  International contest for the realization of Akmola (Astana), new capital of Kasahstan with Eric Adlercreutz, Bichan Tuberk and Vittorio Zanfagnini. Access to the second stage.
1996  -  Contest for the new palace of the province of Pordenone.
1998  -  Refurbishment and requalification of the ex consortiun of agricolture in Tolmezzo, (new museum wing), 1° prize awarded.
1998  -  International contest for the new university premises of IUAV (Venice).
1999  -  Contest for the Musiikki Keskus (musical centre) in Helsinki (access to the second stage).
1999  -  International contest for the new Hospital in Bolzano.
1999  -  Contest for the requalification of the area between vicolo Silio and Caselli in Udine, 2° prize awarded.
2000  -  Contest for the systematization of the main square in Pradielis (Udine),2° prize awarded.
2001  -  Contest on project financing for the evaluation of the I'of May Square in Udine and realization of an underground parking of 708 car spaces.
2001  -  Contest for the new civic centre of S. Giorgio di Nogaro, 1° prize awarded.
2001  -  Contest for the refurbishment and the completion of the in-patient block in C.R.O. Of Aviano (Pn).
2002  -  International contest for a new Library in Lohja, Finland.
2002  -  International contest for the new citizen centre in Joensuu, Finland.
2003  -  international contest for the new entrance of the civil hospital of Udine, 3° prize awarded.
2003  -  International contest for the Capitolo and Patriarcato's Squares in Aquileia (Ud), 2° prize awarded.
2004  -  International contest as private initiative for a new installation (commercial, residential, tertiary),on the ex cotton mill in Fiume Veneto.
2005  -   International contest “Living in Milan”.
2006  -  International contest for the new modular systems in metallic or mixed structures, 2° prize awarded.
2006  -  Contest for the new church and parish work of art in Tikkurila, Finland.

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