Principal works of art   italiano/Italian

1959  -  Russolo's Home in S. Vito al Tagliamento (Pn).
1964  -  Zannier's Home in Ragogna (Ud).
1965  -  Creation and organization of the exibition “The work of art of Alvar Aalto Architect” Strozzi Palace in Florence (in cooperation).
1966-77  -  Main pavillion entrance of the general and regional hospital “S. Maria della Misericordia” in Udine.
1967  -  Tonazzi's home in Udine.
1968  -  Clinic research rooms and pathological anatomy in “S. Maria della Misericordia” general and regional hospital in Udine.
1968  -  Manzin's Home, Moruzzo (Ud).
1969  -  The institute of radiodiagnostic in “S. Maria della Misericordia” general and regional hospital in Udine.
1970  -  Marconi's Home, Partistagno (Ud).
1970  -  Boarding school for professional nurses at the general and regional hostipal “S.Maria della Misericordia” in Udine.
1972  -  Nursery school of Cormons (Go).
1975-76  -  Oncological center of Aviano with Giannino Furlan and Vittorio Zamfagnini.
1977  -  Pittini's Home in Buia (Ud).
1978-84  -  Residential and commercial building “I Faggi” in Udine.
1979  -  Tosolini's Home, Udine
1980-83  -  Enlargment of the pavillion of the specialists section in the General and Regional hospital “S. Maria della Misericordia”, Udine.
1980-85  -  Surgery group of neurosurgery and pharmacy laboratories at the General and Regional hospital of “S. Maria della Misericordia”, Udine.
1981  -  Silvestro's Home, Attimis (Ud).
1982  -  Creation and organisation of the exhibition called “The work of art of Raimondo D'Aronco architect” in Villa Manin di Passariano (Ud) with Nanni Valle.
1982-84  -  Banca Popolare Udinese. Agency A in Udine
1983-85  -  Banca Popolare Udinese, Pasian di Prato branch (Ud).
1983-85  -  Banca Popolare Udinese, Udine Agency.
1983-85  -  Banca Popolare Udinese, Pradamano branch (Ud).
1984  -  Cattarossi's Home, Fagagna (Ud).
1984-91  -  Refurishment of the Indipendent Board office of Tourism building in Udine, Piazza S. Giacomo.
1987-97  -  Parish complex “Gesù Buon Pastore” Udine.
1987-93  -  Multifunctional centre of Pagnacco's consortium school (Ud).
1989-92  -  Refurbishment of the residential building “Asquini-Taco”, Piazza I' Maggio , Udine.
1990-91  -  New pavillion for magnetic resonance at the Hospital centre of “S. Maria della Misericordia, Udine.
1990-94  -  Refurbishment of the residential building for I.AC.P. In via A.L. Moro in Udine.
1991-93  -  Green area of the C.R.O. Of Aviano with Giannino Furlan and Vittorio Zanfagnini.
1992-94  -  New pavillion for the infecting illnesses at the hospital centre of “S. Maria della Misericordia”, Udine with Vittorio Zanfagnini.
1992-94  -  New general hospital “Udine 2000” with 1000 posts for the hospital centre in “S. Maria della Misericordia”, Udine with Vittorio Zanfagnini.
1993  -  New pavillion for the magnetic resonance for the oncological centre in Aviano, with Vittorio Zanfagnini.
1996  -  Project for the systematization and urban refurbishment of Piazza Libertà, Piazza Marconi and Via Mercatovecchio (Ud).
1997  -  Project for the staircase that goes thought the Castle hill with build in a mechanic lifting facility from Piazza Marconi (Ud).
1997  -  Zanon's Home in Moruzzo (Ud).
1997  -  New general hospital “Udine 2000” with 900 posts for the hospital centre in “S. Maria della Misericordia”, Udine.
1997  -  Project for the renewal of Partistagno Castle, Udine.
1998  -  Cecconello's Home, Leonacco (Ud).
1998  -  Michelutti's Home, Udine.
1998  -  Urban refurbishment for Udine's historical center.
1998-99  -  Private plan for the area called Cotonificio Ex-Amman in Pordenone, refurbishment of the historical area with the creation of new buildings (commercial centre, multifunctional centre and residential center.
1999  -  Bertoli's Home, Campeglio (Ud):
2000  -  Zilli's Home, Passons (Ud).
2000  -  Clarisse Sacramentine's Monestery in Partistagno and Attimis (Ud):
2000  -  Multifunctional centre of Pagnacco's consortium school, (Ud), (completion work).
2000-3  -  Building of the new wing of the Tradition in the Museum of Tolmezzo with Simonetta Daffarra.
2000-3  -  New Nonino distillery in Persereano with Luca Cendali.
2001  -  Bacchetti's Home, Povoletto (Ud).
2001-2  -  Student's home for 250 posts inside the university campus in Rizzi, Udine.
2002  -  Proposal for a new particular project for area inside the university polo of Rizzi, Udine.
2002  -  Systematization of the S. Rocco Square in Spilimbergo.
2002  -  Organisation of the exhibition “Marcello D'Olivo Architecture and Art” inside San Francesco's Church, Udine with Vittorio Zanfagnini.
2003  -  Project for an industrial and residential area in Sicevskii, Russia.
2003  -  Refurbishment of the Piccinini and Peresson's solicitor's office in Udine.
2003  -  Lotting out S.Marco in Mereto di Tomba, Udine.
2004  -  Parish complex “Gesù Buon Pastore” Udine (work of art for the completion of the bell tower and parvis).
2004  -  New multifunctional room for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Artisans and Agriculture of Udine.
2004  -  Refurbishment and enlargement of Guatti's Home in Partistagno, Udine.
2005  -  Occhialini's Home in Villaorba di Basiliano (Ud).
2005  -  Urban refurbishment for Via Mercatovecchio, Piazza Duomo and Piazzetta Marconi in Udine.
2006  -  Braidotti Pharmacy in Rivignano, Udine.
2006  -  Simonetti's multifloor Home, Udine.
2006  -  Tomba-Rigo-Degano.
2006  -  New pavillion of the San Daniele del Friuli hospital, Udine.

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